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Our Services

We are excited to offer a Full Service bike shop for all bikes, makes, and models. Below is a list of services that we provide to meet the different needs of our customers. Please let us know if you have a request that you don’t see.

Basic Tune-up $50

We call it a basic tune-up, but it is anything but basic. Your bicycle should have a basic tune-up once a year to keep your bike running like new. This tune-up includes:

  • Check the condition of the chain and tires
  • Inspect/adjust the bottom bracket and cranks
  • Check the hubs
  • Inspect the headset
  • Clean/Lube cables and chain
  • Adjust the shift systems
  • Adjust the brakes
  • Clean the rim strips and sand the brake pads
  • Clean the frame
  • Replace parts as needed (additional cost for parts and labor)

Expert Tune-up $80

This tune-up is for the enthusiast that requires a little more attention to the bike. If your bike sounds like a school bus then this is the tune-up for your bike.

  • Includes Basic Tune-up
  • Complete removal and thorough cleaning of the drivetrain
  • Reinstallation of the drivetrain
  • Lubrication with Dumond Tech Lubricant
  • Instruction on how to properly lubricate the drivetrain to ensure that it stays clean for years to come
  • True Wheels

Pro Tune-up $150

If you demand the most out of your ride because you race or ride extensively this tune-up is what you've been looking for. This includes the Basic and Expert Tune-up but also takes it to the next level. The Pro Tune-up is a much more extensive reconditioning of the bike. Overhauls almost always require the replacement of worn parts, and are a necessity for those seeking to return their bikes to like new condition.

  • Includes the Basic and Expert Tune-up
  • Overhaul and re-grease all bearings
  • Inspect suspension
  • Change suspension fluids

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